BKNE 230 – 24RB

BKNE 230 – 24RB

  • Field unit for 1 smoke control damper
  • connects 1 smoke control damper to the Bustec Ringbus
  • provides a plug connection for the Belimo BE24..-ST and BLE24-ST actuators
  • has a predefined address (no addressing required during system commissioning)
  • AC 230 V mains power
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Product Description

BKNE 230 – 24RB is used for controlling one Belimo 24V smoke control damper actuator (BE24..-ST, BLE24-ST). The unit is connected to the Ringbus master controller via the 4 wire Ringbus communication. The Belimo ST actuators are equipped with plug connectors that can be plugged directly into BKNE 230-24RB unit. The actuator is isolated from mains by a transformer. Each unit has a predefined address and therefore has not to be addressed during the system commissioning. BKNE 230-24RB unit is able to work without 230 V, but then it is only sending data about actuator position to Ringbus master controller and is not able to turn on/off the actuators. Using test pushbutton, user is able to test the damper.

Additional Information

Electrical data


Nominal voltage range

AC 100 … 230 V 50/60 Hz

For wire sizing

18 VA

Power consumption from mains

Actuator consumption + 300 mW

Power consumption from bus

5 mW


Power supply cable 2 x 0.75 mm²
Actuator outputs Plug, 6 poles
Actuator power supply Plug, 3 poles
2 x RingBus Plug 4 x 1.5 mm² wire

Wire stripping length

8 mm



Protection class

Class II (all insulated)

Degree of protection



CE according to 2004/108/EC


CE according to 2006/95/EC

Ambient humidity range

IEC 60730-1 max. 95 %

Ambient temperature range

–20 … +60°C

Non-operating temperature

–40 … +85°C





400 g
153 × 87 × 52 mm


Technical Data Sheet for BKNE 230 – 24RB