BKN 230 – 24RB

BKN 230 – 24RB

  • Field unit for 2 fire MP bus dampers
  • connects 2 fire MP bus dampers to the Bustec Ringbus
  • provides a plug connection for the Belimo BF24TL-T-ST, BLF24K-T-ST actuators
  • has a predefined address (no addressing required during system commissioning)
  • AC 230 V mains power
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Product Description

BKN 230 - 24 RB is used for controlling up to two Belimo MP bus fire damper actuators (BF24 TL-T-ST and BLF24K - T- ST). The unit is connected to RingBus master controller via the 4 wire Ringbus communication. The Belimo MP bus actuators are equipped with connector that is plugged directly in to BKN 230-24RB unit. The actuators are isolated from mains by a transformer. Each unit has a predefined address and therefore has not to be addressed during the system commissioning. BKN 230-24RB unit is able to work without 230 V, but then it is only sending data about it‘s status to the Ringbus master controller and is not able to communicate with actuators. BKN 230-24RB provides one service port for each actuator. Using ZIP tool, user is able to set actuator‘s parameters. Using test pushbutton, user is able to test dampers and reset error flags on actuators.

Additional Information

Electrical data


Nominal voltage range

AC 100 … 230 V 50/60 Hz

For wire sizing

24 VA

Power consumption from mains

Actuator consumption + 300 mW

Power consumption from bus

5 mW


Power supply cable 2 x 0.75 mm²
2x Actuator Plug, 4 poles
2x Actuator service port Plug, RJ 12
2 x RingBus Plug 4 x 1.5 mm² wire

Wire stripping length

8 mm



Protection class

Class II (all insulated)

Degree of protection



CE according to 2004/108/EC


CE according to 2006/95/EC

Ambient humidity range

IEC 60730-1 max. 95%

Ambient temperature range

–20 … +60°C

Non-operating temperature

–40 … +85°C





400 g
135 × 87 × 52 mm


Technical data sheet for BKN 230 – 24RB