BACnet PLC - M2.DOM.10

BACnet PLC – M2.DOM.10

  • 16 non-latching transistor outputs
  • Optocoupled galvanic isolation 3.7 KV
  • LED indication of the output circuits state
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Product Description

Digital output module M2.DOM.10 has 16 non-latching transistor outputs with common pole and LED indication of the state in the output circuit. Output voltage is provided from an external power supply.

During the failure of CPU module outputs are in off state. After power up sequence output level is user selectable. Outputs have no short circuit protection.

Module is compliant with: EN 61131-1:2003, EN 61131-2:2003.


Additional Information

Digital Output Characteristics


Number of outputs


Type of outputs

Non latching transistor outputs, common pole, LED indication of the output state

Output power supply voltage (L)

24 VDC

Output high level

L – 1.5 V

Output current

500 mA

Total output current

4 A

Minimal load

1 mA

Turn on/off time

1 ms

Effects of incorrect terminal connection

Short circuit is destructive

Galvanic isolation

Yes, optocoupled, 3.7 KV

Additional Specifications


Operating temperature

0 .. 55℃

Storage temperature

-30℃ .. 80℃

Relative humidity

max 95% r.H., no condensation

Protection degree


EBUS consumption


External power supply

24 VDC / 4 A (max)

120 g
108 × 86 × 27 mm


Technical Data Sheet for M2.DOM.10