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BACnet PLC - M2.DIN.01

BACnet PLC – M2.DIN.01

  • 16 digital inputs
  • Counting capability on first two inputs
  • LED indication of the input circuit state
  • Optocoupled galvanic isolation 3.7 KV
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Product Description

Digital input module M2.DIN.01 has 16 digital inputs with common pole and LED indication of input circuit state.

The first two digital inputs can be used as the counter inputs.

Signal evaluation is done on request from CPU. Withdrawing or inserting a module under power has no effects.

Module is compliant with: EN 61131-1:2003, EN 61131-2:2003

Additional Information

Digital Input Characteristics


Number of inputs


Type of inputs

Current sinking with common pole, LED indication of the input state. Type 1

Nominal input voltage

24 VDC

Input current per channel

10 mA Max (on 24 VDC)

Response time

1 ms

Maximal input signal frequency on counter inputs


Effects of incorrect terminal connection


Galvanic isolation

Yes, optocoupled, 3.7 KV

Additional Specifications


Operating temperature

0 .. 55℃

Storage temperature

-30℃ .. 80℃

Relative humidity

max 95% r.H., no condensation

Protection degree


EBUS consumption


120 g
108 × 86 × 27 mm


Technical Data Sheet for M2.DIN.01